Jamie Blattmann

About Us

Alabama Mud is a new online store owned by Jamie Blattmann. Jamie is a certified ceramist who has been making ceramics for over twenty years. Certified while living in Canada, she started off selling her work to Canadian art galleries; she originally specialized in making ceramic teapots and tea sets. Since then she has diversified her talents, as slowly but surely her love and passion for working with clay turned into a full time job.

She now has the ability to preserve pictures in clay by turning the picture into a stamp and then imprinting it into clay. Alabama Mud is her new online store that offers handmade specialty items. Some of her latest collections include: Inspirational items which showcase a series of hand rolled clay crosses with inspirational quotes, as well as decorative Judaic items; a Botanical series, which includes items such as birdhouses and wind chimes; a series of clay houses and churches; a series of hand rolled fish; and different types of jewelry.

Commissions are gladly accepted and Jamie is willing to work with her customers in order to ensure that they are more than happy with their purchases.